Asphalt Milling


Asphalt milling is the process of grinding down asphalt generally from 2 inches up to 8 inches. The purpose is most often for doing an asphalt overlay but is used for full depth removal and replacement.

Smaller asphalt milling machines are used often to grind down the edges of asphalt to create a “flush” surface to curb and gutter or for doing asphalt patching. The asphalt “millings” are loaded into trucks and then used for recycling. This process is less expensive than a complete rehab of roads or parking lots.


Asphalt Overlay

An Asphalt Overlay is paving over existing asphalt. The process is a tack coat of oil is sprayed on the existing asphalt allowing the new asphalt to bond to the old. Generally a 2 to 3 inch overlay is laid down by using an asphalt paving machine or “paver”.

A milling machine as above is used when the top layer of asphalt is too damaged to just pave over the existing pavement or there are drainage issues.


Chip Sealing

Chip Sealing is the process of adding a tack oil is spray applied to a roadway surface and then a chip sealing machine is used to lay down a thin layer of pea gravel. The surface is generally rolled with a rubber tired heavy asphalt roller machine.

The excess gravel is usually either picked up or sweep to the apron of the roadway. We are sure you have seen many county roads and some subdivisions using this process because of the cost savings over pavement overlays.

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